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In the complex landscape of personal finances, there's an intriguing notion: sometimes, the most valuable investments are closer than we think—right within the comfort of our own homes. Imagine the thrill of stumbling upon an item acquired years ago, only to realise that its value has soared beyond expectations.  

In this post, we’re uncovering the astonishing value hidden within everyday items, and exploring how these treasures could lean into an alternative route of investment.

The Impact of Inflation and Rarity on Value 

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, 74% of Millennial investors find themselves grappling with how to adapt their investment strategies. Amidst this uncertainty, an interesting proposition emerges: What if, in addition to traditional investments, there lies a forgotten gem from the past that could now bring in substantial cash?  

Inflation, standing at 6.7% as of August 2023 (ONS), is one factor behind rising  prices. However, as well as this, certain items have evolved into coveted collectables, driving their value skyward. These aren't just old bits and bobs; they're untapped potential waiting to be rediscovered. 

The Top 10 Valuable Items

Our research has uncovered items that have defied expectations and burgeoned into valuable assets and perhaps even unintentional investments. Leading the charge is the "Amazing Fantasy #15 1960s comic book," featuring the debut of Spiderman – a narrative woven into childhood memories and now a collector's dream. But the surprises don't stop there. From Pokémon cards to Monopoly sets and even Barbie dolls, these seemingly ordinary items have taken on extraordinary value. 

Rank Product Original Price Latest Resale % Price Increase
1 Amazing Fantasy #15 1960s comic book £0.09 £2,820,204 3,133,559,900%
2 Pokemon card - Pikachu Illustrator £0 (presented as an award) £4,149,737 N/A
3 Magic: The Power Nine Cards £7 £661,964 9,456,529%
4 Original Monopoly set by Charles Darrow £1.50 £95,000 6,333,233%
5 Original Barbie £2.36 £21,630 916,425%
6 Hot Wheels Collector Number 271 with a blue card £0.54 £2,741 497,593%
7 Beanie Babies - Princess Diana Bear £4 £19,667 491,575%
8 Hardcover UK First edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone £10 £44,000 439,900%
9 Lego Mr. Gold Minifigure Series 10 £1.99 £6,635 333,317%
10 Original Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Game 1990 £39 £122,208 313,254%
11 Postal Union Congress £1 stamp 1929 £1 £1,000 99,900%
12 Original Star Wars Trilogy VHS, unopened £80 £63,000 78,650%
13 Pokemon card - Misprinted Fossil Krabby £2.50 £1,730 69,100%
14 1958 Fender Stratocaster Guitar £196 £118,002 60,105%
15 Whiskey - Black Bowmore Aston Martin DB5 1964 £100 £50,000 49,900%
16 Original Air Jordan 1 Chicago 1985 £51.20 £25,215 49,138%
17 Lego 10123 Cloud City 2003 (Star Wars theme) £78.99 £6,142 7,676%
18 Wine - Château Haute-Brion 1989 £360 £25,500 6,983%
19 Original Sony PlayStation 1995 complete with box £235 £5,000 2,027%
20 Vintage Cameras - Leica M4 1969 (mint condition) £242 £3,454 1,327%
21 Original Furby - President Furby 2000 £27 £235 770%
22 Chanel Classic Flap released in 1983 £783 £4,700 500%

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Valuable Items and Their Stories

Showing the 10 items which have increased the most in value

Amazing Fantasy #15 1960s Comic Book 

A rare gem from the 1960s, this comic book marked Spiderman's inaugural appearance. It triggered fond childhood memories for many and now commands staggering prices. While not the rarest comic, its sentimentality is undeniable. One 2021 buyer picked up  a copy for $3.6 million (£2.8 million), and today, copies are listed for a jaw-dropping $5.4 million (£4.2 million). Who knew that a mint-condition comic could be a treasure chest?  

  • Original price: £0.09 
  • Latest resale: £2,820,204 
  • % price increase: 3,133,559,900% 

Pokémon Card - Pikachu Illustrator 

An elusive Pokémon card, the Pikachu Illustrator, stands as a testament to rarity. Gifted to contest winners in 1998, its exclusivity is unmatched, with only 41 authenticated copies. It fetched $5.3 million (£4.2 million) in a sale, smashing records.  

  • Original price: £0 (presented as an award) 
  • Latest resale: £4,149,737 
  • % price increase: 527,500,000% 

 Magic: The Power Nine Cards 

“Magic: The Gathering” celebrates its 30th anniversary, reigniting interest in these banned cards. Collectors seek the Power Nine, a set of nine cards that carry a unique allure despite their in-game limitations. Even rapper Post Malone invested over $800,000 in a signed 1993 Artist Proof Black Lotus card. The demand for these cards continues to grow, especially with the anniversary reprint editions on the horizon. 

  • Original price: £7 
  • Latest resale: £661,964 
  • % price increase: 9,456,529% 

Original Monopoly Set by Charles Darrow: A Playful Path to Prosperity  

Monopoly is more than just a game; it's a lesson in investment strategy, and the "Original Monopoly Set by Charles Darrow" from 1935 embodies this notion. With a modest start at £1.50, this classic board game has transformed into a valuable asset, commanding an impressive resale value of £95,000. Beyond the gameplay, it symbolises the art of making shrewd decisions, negotiating deals, and investing wisely—lessons that have translated into real-world value for those who held onto this nostalgic gem. 

  • Original price: £1.50 
  • Latest resale: £95,000 
  • % price increase: 6,333,233% 

 Original Barbie: From Toy to Timeless Treasure 

Unleash your inner child as we delve into the world of the "Original Barbie," a timeless icon that has transcended generations since 1959. With an unassuming beginning at £2.36, this fashion-forward doll has strutted her way into investment stardom, boasting a remarkable resale value of £21,630. The allure of this collectable lies not only in its vintage charm but also in its representation of cultural shifts and evolving standards of beauty. What started as a childhood plaything has evolved into a symbol of both childhood memoir and financial prowess. 

  • Original price: £2.36 
  • Latest resale: £21,630 
  • % price increase: 916,425% 

 Hot Wheels Collector Number 271 with a Blue Card: Small Car, Big Value 

Buckle up for a journey into the world of miniaturised treasures with the "Hot Wheels Collector Number 271 with a Blue Card." from 1968 This unassuming toy car, purchased for a mere £0.54, has shifted gears into the fast lane of investment value, now commanding a resale price of £2,741. What makes this small-scale collectable so sought after? It's the combination of sentiment, meticulous design, and the dedicated community of Hot Wheels enthusiasts who understand that big investments can come in small packages. 

  • Original price: £0.54 
  • Latest resale: £2,741 
  • % price increase: 497,593% 

Beanie Babies - Princess Diana Bear: Royal Value in Every Stitch 

Amidst the top 10, a plush treasure stands out—the "Beanie Babies - Princess Diana Bear." This beanie baby, originally priced at £4 in 1997, holds a royal legacy that goes beyond its cuddly appearance. As a homage to the beloved Princess Diana, this bear captured the hearts of collectors and investors alike, resulting in an astonishing resale value of £19,667. Its value isn't just in the stitches; it's a testament to the enduring emotional connection that certain collectables can foster, turning memories into tangible returns. 

  • Original price: £4 
  • Latest resale: £19,667 
  • % price increase: 491,575% 

Hardcover UK First Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Enchanted Investment 

Step into the enchanting world of literature with the "Hardcover UK First Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone." From the moment it graced bookshelves in 1997 at £10, this magical tome became more than a literary masterpiece—it became a treasure chest of investment potential. Today, its pages hold a story that extends beyond the narrative, with a remarkable resale value of £44,000. As readers grew up with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, this first edition transformed into a keepsake that symbolises both literary wonder and financial gain. 

  • Original price: £10 
  • Latest resale: £44,000 
  • % price increase: 439,900% 

 Lego Mr. Gold Minifigure Series 10: Building Value Brick by Brick 

Prepare to be amazed by the "Lego Mr. Gold Minifigure Series 10," from 2013, a testament to the enduring appeal of these colourful bricks. What started as a modest £1.99 investment has transformed into a prized collector's item, boasting a resale value of £6,635. This minifigure isn't just a toy; it's a piece of art that highlights the intersection of creativity, nostalgia, and craftsmanship. With only a limited number produced, this Lego gem showcases how investing in play can yield substantial returns. 

  • Original price: £1.99 
  • Latest resale: £6,635 
  • % price increase: 333,317% 

Original Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Game 1990: Levelling Up in Value 

Bringing us to the final stretch is the "Original Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Game 1990," a classic that has transcended the world of gaming to become a valuable investment. Priced at £39 upon release, this pixelated adventure has surged in value to an astonishing £122,208 on the resale market. Beyond the fond memory of stomping Goombas and collecting power-ups, this game cartridge holds a place in the annals of pop culture history, making it not only an entertaining investment but a piece of gaming heritage. 

  • Original price: £39 
  • Latest resale: £122,208 
  • % price increase: 313,254% 

Future Rewards of Today's Choices 

Moving beyond the attic, in the current scene, there's a number of modern investment opportunities. 

  • Sneakerheads can rejoice, with rare sneakers like the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Olive seeing resale values skyrocket from $150 to over $1,000.  
  • The world of spirits beckons too, with rare single malt whisky experiencing a 21% increase in value in 2022.  
  • Similarly, fine wine showcases an impressive historical annual return of 10.6% over 15 years, turning the cork into a coveted asset. 

Unearth the Unexpected

Wrapping up this journey through concealed riches unveils a novel storyline: the potential held by undervalued treasures and investments that defy conventional norms. The next time you glance at old memorabilia, remember that value can emerge from unexpected corners. The list of our beloved old memorabilia has shown us that sometimes, the past may hold the key to enrichment.

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