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For all our clients we support a wide variety of popular tools and markets. There are more than 5,000 instruments at your disposal. We have both desktop and mobile platforms for three types of OS.

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Empowering Investors

What some of our 65,000+ clients say

Trading experience more efficient

Having access to a diverse range of instruments from various countries in a single platform makes my trading experience more efficient and streamlined. I can easily monitor and trade different currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities without the need to switch between multiple platforms or brokers. In addition, Admirals provides comprehensive research and analysis tools that cover global markets. This allows me to stay updated on the latest market trends, news, and events that may impact my trading decisions. The availability of real-time data and market insights helps me make informed trading choices, regardless of the country or instrument I am trading.

Fuad Rasulov

Fuad Rasulov

20 years' trading experience

Industry-leading educational offering

I’ve worked with Admirals for the last few years and I’m happy to recommend them. Their dedication to supporting their trading and investing clients is to be commended. They provide an industry-leading educational offering in terms of webinars, podcasts, analysis, and social media all geared towards support their clients. They have always been great to deal with and incredibly supportive.

Paul Wallace

Paul Wallace

27 years' trading experience

Admirals don’t have any hidden costs

If I have a problem, if I have a question, something like that, I can always contact someone and they will speak to me. That is something I noticed in Admirals more than one time. You can speak with the support and they are able to do something about your problem. Every time I am interacting with admirals, I have the feeling I'm in good hands. Also unlike many other brokers, Admirals don’t have any hidden costs. And Admirals are doing stuff that's not directly monetized, like podcasts and videos on a weekly, daily basis. This is just awesome. I can always get in there and watch and watch and watch and get information. I can even participate if I want.

Hardy Kutzer

Hardy Kutzer

4 years' trading experience

Absolutely excellent experience

My experience with Admirals broker and the people working there is absolutely excellent. To this day I’m here and continue to trade. Wow. This broker is amazing. For me, the Admirals’ advantages are the transparency, the service of training, education and all the information. Information and your news is another important point. Because as an independent trader, there is me and the market. But with you I'm not alone. It is very important while opening a trade.

Antonio Fluxa Vidal

Antonio Fluxa Vidal

9 years' trading experience

Absolute top broker

Admirals is an absolute top broker - both for my active US stock day trading and for my longer-term investments. For me as a trader, Admirals is a top choice because, in addition to the most competitive spreads, I need fast order execution and platform stability are essential - and Admirals has never disappointed me here. And as an investment solution, Admirals offers an almost infinite number of investable assets that enable me to optimally diversify my portfolio.

Jens Klatt

Jens Klatt

over 10 years' experience

It's very easy to open a trade

Admirals have very nice application. The design is very attractive, it's very easy to navigate in. I like the design of the open position a lot. Like you can see when you are in profit and when you are losing, it's very nice. It's very easy to open a trade, and you have access to a lot of instruments. And also you have the watch list, this is good to see.

Antonin Fellus

Antonin Fellus

2 years' trading experience

Achievements in 2022

Achievements in 2022

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