Sit Back and Watch Your Portfolio Grow

Sit Back and Watch Your Portfolio Grow

Automate your investments and make your money work for you!


Introducing Auto-Invest – the Hassle Free Investment Solution

Grow your portfolio without lifting a finger!

Automatically add to your portfolio on a regular basis

Choose how much and how often you want to invest

Easily modify your Auto-Invest plans

Create a plan and let Auto-Invest do the rest

Ensure you never miss an investment again

Recurring investments are made automatically on your behalf

Commit to regular investments and give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals

Why Use an Automatic Investment Plan?

Disciplined Investing
Disciplined Investing

Disciplined Investing

A recurring, auto investment can help you develop a disciplined approach to investing. By committing to a regular, fixed investment, you remove emotion from the decision making process and continue investing regardless of market fluctuations.

Dollar Cost Averaging
Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar cost averaging is strategy whereby you commit to a regular, fixed investment amount in a particular asset. By investing at regular intervals, you can smooth out price fluctuations which should increase the chances of paying less per unit over the long-term.

Reduced Timing Risk
Reduced Timing Risk

Reduced Timing Risk

Trying to time the market can be risky and is incredibly difficult to do successfully. By setting up an automatic investment plan and spreading out your investments over time, you drastically reduce the risk of entering the market at an inopportune moment.

The Power of Compounding
The Power of Compounding

The Power of Compounding

Invest regularly, reinvest any dividends, and take advantage of the power of compounding returns. Compounding returns refers to when you generate returns from your initial investment as well as on the returns which you have generated up until that point.

What You Need to Know Before You Start

How can I access Auto-Invest?
Auto-Invest is available and accessible via the "Admirals" mobile app for Invest.MT5 accounts only.
Which instruments are available for Auto-Invest?
You can create an Auto-Invest plan using any stock or Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) offered by Admirals.
How often are recurring investments made?
The frequency of your Auto-Invest plan’s purchases can be set up weekly or monthly.
What are the payment methods for Auto-Invest?
The respective wallet or Invest.MT5 account will be used for the recurring transactions and must be sufficiently funded in order for the transaction to be successful.
What is the minimum transaction amount for an Auto-Invest Plan?
The minimum transaction amount for each Auto-Invest plan is 1 USD / 1 EUR.
Are there any commissions or other transaction fees?
There is no commission on the first deal daily and our standard commission charges will apply to all following trades. To find out more about our standard commission charges, check out our Contract Specification page.
What is the maximum number of Auto-Invest plans I can set up?
A total of 5 automatic investment plans are allowed for each account and you can only make one Auto-Invest purchase plan for each asset.
When will the recurring buy orders be placed?
The date for the recurring transaction will be chosen by you when creating your Auto-Invest plan. However, the specific time for the transaction cannot be specified. Admirals will designate the time of purchase on the predetermined date.

Auto-Invest on the Admirals Mobile app

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