Jeremy Delsol - Analyst & Educator

Jeremy Delsol

Analyst & Educator




Technical analysis

W Admirals od



ISEG Finance School, Dublin Business School
Master's degree in financial engineering and capital markets, MBA, AMF certification


Jeremy Delsol - certificate
Jeremy Delsol - certificate
Jeremy Delsol - certificate

With a double degree (business school and MBA) in financial market engineering and international finance, Jérémy now has more than 15 years of trading experience.

The majority of his work was to develop his own trading system named LTR System. This system makes it possible to trade in a systematic way with an easier reading of the charts and the use of semi-automatic trading robots to take advantage of the best of the trader but also of the machine.

Jérémy Delsol is a trader, market analyst, seasoned educator, and popular YouTube content creator, focused on financial education at Admirals, in France. With over a decade of experience in the field, he brings a wealth of financial knowledge to the viewers.

Jérémy's skills lies in conducting technical and fundamental analyses of financial markets. He excels in creating strategies, identifying trends, recognizing consolidation areas, understanding market support and resistance, and implementing effective money management strategies. He is passionate about financial markets, particularly forex, stock indices, stocks, and portfolio management.